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Consultancy Services

Consultancy Package

1. Basic Package


    • Understanding User Requirements: Conducting a preliminary analysis of company and promoters profile to understand the client’s basic needs.
    • Designing a Customised Plan: Creating a comprehensive plan in terms of targeted products, technology transfer, etc., to address the basic requirements.
    • Connecting Potential Institutions/Industries/Labs: Facilitating introductions with 3-12 potential customers from strategic/targeted sectors.
    • Supporting Product Finalisation: Providing initial support in product refinement as per market requirements.
    • Networking and Liaisoning: Initial engagement with key Industry Associations to foster beneficial relationships.
    • Market Research: Conducting basic market research to identify potential opportunities and challenges.
    • Progress Reports: Providing regular progress reports to keep the client informed about the project’s status and any necessary requirements .
    • Strategic Advice: Offering strategic advice to help the client analyse market trends and maximize their potential for success.


2. Foundation Package: Pioneer Package


    • Understanding User Requirements: Conducting a basic analysis of company and promoters to understand the client’s needs.
    • Designing a Customised Plan: Creating a comprehensive plan in terms of targeted products, technology transfer, etc., to address basic requirements.
    • Connecting Potential Customers: Facilitating introductions with 915 potential customers from strategic sectors.
    • Networking and Liaisoning: Initial engagement with key Industry Associations.
    • Market Assessment: Performing a thorough market assessment to identify potential opportunities and challenges specific to the client’s industry.
    • Resource Allocation: Advising on the optimal allocation of resources to ensure efficient project execution.
    • Product Feedback: Collecting and analyzing feedback from potential customers to refine the product as per market requirements.
    • Progress Monitoring: Setting up regular checkins and progress reports to ensure the project stays on track.
    • Strategic Planning: Assisting in the development of longterm strategies to help the client achieve their business goals.
    • Training and Workshops: Providing basic training and workshops to client teams on relevant topics to enhance their capabilities.


3. Advanced Package: Innovator Package


    • Understanding User Requirements: Conducting a thorough analysis of company and promoters to grasp client needs, including detailed interviews and surveys.
    • Designing a Customised Plan: Crafting tailored strategies to meet client requirements effectively, with a focus on innovative solutions.
    • Connecting Potential Customers: Facilitating introductions with 1218 potential customers from strategic sectors, ensuring highquality and relevant connections.
    • Supporting Product Finalisation: Assisting in refining products to align with market demands, including product testing and feedback sessions.
    • Networking and Liaisoning: Engaging with potential Industry Associations to foster beneficial relationships and ensure longterm collaborations.
    • Market Analysis: Conducting an indepth market analysis to identify trends, opportunities, and competitive landscape.
    • Implementation Support: Providing handson support during the implementation phase to ensure strategies are executed smoothly.
    • Risk Management: Identifying potential risks and developing mitigation strategies to ensure project success.
    • Performance Monitoring: Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and regular monitoring to track progress and adjust strategies as needed.
    • Innovation Workshops: Conducting workshops to foster innovation and creativity within the client’s team.
    • Strategic Partnerships: Assisting in forming strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to enhance the client’s market presence.
    • Brand Development: Offering guidance on brand development and positioning to ensure market relevance.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring all strategies and implementations comply with relevant regulations and standards.
    • Customer Engagement: Developing strategies for customer engagement and retention to drive longterm success.
    • Data Analytics: Utilizing data analytics to drive decisionmaking and optimize business processes.


4. Comprehensive Package: Elite Package


    • Understanding User Requirements: Conducting an in-depth analysis to understand complex client needs. This involves extensive research, multiple stakeholder interviews, and data collection to gain a holistic understanding of the client’s challenges and explore avenues for further growth and opportunities.
    • Designing a Comprehensive Plan: Creating an extensive and detailed plan to meet complex requirements, incorporating advanced strategies and innovative solutions tailored specifically for the client. This includes designing a roadmap indicating implementation, timeline, resource allocation, and detailed action steps.
    • Connecting Potential Customers: Facilitating introductions with 15-30 potential customers from strategic sectors. These connections are carefully curated to align with the client’s business goals and market positioning, ensuring high-value and relevant business opportunities.
    • Supporting Product Finalisation: Providing extensive support in product refinement as per market requirements. This includes market testing, customer feedback analysis, product iteration cycles and ensuring the product meets the highest quality standards and customer expectations.
    • Networking and Liaisoning: Comprehensive networking with multiple Industry Associations and potential partners. This involves setting up strategic alliances, partnerships, and collaborations that can enhance the client’s market reach and influence.
    • Market Research and Insights: Conducting in-depth market research to provide actionable insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive analysis. This helps in identifying new opportunities and making informed business decisions.
    • Strategic Business Development: Developing and implementing strategic business development plans that focus on growth and expansion. This includes identifying new markets, customer segments, and revenue streams.
    • Innovation and Technology Integration: Advising on the latest technological advancements and how to integrate them into the client’s business processes. This can include digital transformation, automation, and the use of cutting-edge tools to enhance efficiency.
    • Regulatory and Compliance Support: Ensuring that all business activities comply with relevant local and international regulations. This includes assistance with certifications, licenses, and adherence to industry regulations and standards.
    • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: Providing guidance on developing sustainable business practices and CSR initiatives that align with the client’s values and societal expectations.
    • Crisis Management and Contingency Planning: Preparing the client to handle potential crises effectively through robust contingency planning and risk management strategies.
    • Brand Strategy and Positioning: Developing a strong brand strategy that positions the client as a market leader. This includes brand messaging, visual identity, and marketing
    • Customer Experience Enhancement: Implementing strategies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. This includes enhancing customer service processes, feedback mechanisms, and overall customer engagement.
    • Financial Planning and Management: Offering comprehensive financial planning and management services to ensure the client’s business is financially healthy and sustainable.
    • Human Resource Development: Assisting in talent acquisition, training and development programs to build a skilled and motivated workforce.
    • Project Management: Providing project management support to ensure that all initiatives are executed efficiently and effectively, meeting all deadlines and objectives.
    • Supply Chain Optimization: Advising on optimizing the supply chain to reduce costs and improve efficiency and reliability.
    • Digital Marketing and Online Presence: Developing a robust digital marketing strategy to enhance the client’s online presence and reach a wider audience.
    • Legal Advisory: Offering legal advisory services to ensure all business activities are legally sound and protected from potential legal issues.
    • End-to-End Support: Providing continuous support throughout the consultancy period, ensuring all plans are implemented successfully and any issues are promptly addressed.
    • Post-Project Evaluation: Conducting a thorough evaluation at the end of the project to measure success, gather feedback, and plan for future improvements.


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